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Ron West

Hidee Ho Kids ! I'm glad to see you've kept the station alive ! I was in high school in 1979, when the program director of KSCL, Peggy Miles began recruiting ANYONE and EVERYONE to work a shift on air. Luckily, they took the time to train me and I stayed there for about a year before I got a part time radio gig at KWKH/KROK.

To make a long story short -- if you take the time to learn and make yourself valuable, you can succeed in this business. I have been rated among the top ten morning shows in the U.S. in Arbitrons 12+ and 25-54 share ratings.

Now I'm doing mornings at a number one country station in Bloomington, IL -- a smaller sized market, but boy is it nice being a big fish in a smaller pond than just another big fish in a barrel full of fish.

Anyhoo -- keep at it, and if you aren't having fun, you should check your pulse or look for something else.

Love to hear from you,
Ron West
Class of '78