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Peggy Miles

Hi - I was a General Manager and we applied for the change from 10 watts to 100 watts. I learned how to read FCC documents! It was a great experience to learn everything. I'm still in the industry! The Physics Professor (Mr. Kracklin? 1978?79?) I am so sorry I can't remember his name was fabulous help. He was my favorite teacher and help - he extrapolated something we needed on the FCC application which I didn't have a clue on how to do. He also was just one of these caring teachers that you remember for life.

One of our advisors at the time ((toward the end of my tenure at GM)) - was angry at me that I didn't have the President on the Radio Station enough...and other complaints. But he sure didn't show up at the radio station to check things out or help much.

He said something to the effect to me in a private meeting I wouldn't do well in business and I didn't have my act together. (And I wonder what he's doing now! ) I'm glad I can't remember his name!

As General Manager - I remember someone wanted to start a vigil for John Lennon's Death, my first impression was that I couldn't be the instigator or a march/protest or I'd lose my job - but I was young and that person on my team who decided to do that - and gather in the common area (I can't remember the name either) was right on target and appropriate. That's how I learned a number of things - relating to topical news, and more so - how folks interact with radio and television personalities. Other duties at the station - also helped me manage large groups of folks...which I still do. I formed a number of organizations and groups - the latest one is www.webcasters.org - International Webcasting Association. We're lucky to have Internet Broadcasting Companies (what I specialize in now) on board like Microsoft and Real, and Apple, and Radio and others! And believe it or not - that $100.00 stipend I think I got every month from being the General Manager REALLY did come in handy. I was a starving student!

There was always one guy at the radio station that wanted to play Frank Zappa records with curse words.... Geez....how many times could you tell someone it was illegal! However, it's amazing - the same personalities and folks in College Radio - - - are in the business world - just a little older!

Smiles - Peggy

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