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Jaxon Baker '82

Kerry Kirspel's article mentions KSCL was "shut down by a task force of students and administrators." I was *not* working at KSCL at that time. I started working at KSCL during the summer quarter as Music Director. However, I left the station when the fall quarter started up to focus on school.

In December, I was asked to join the task force (which included Peggy Miles, the station manager at that time), along with the station's advisor, the dean of students, President Webb, and a few others. After a considerate inquiry, a majority of us voted to shut the station down because it was languishing.

I was appointed interim station manager and asked to present the task force with a workable plan to breathe new life into the station and manage the power-up to 150 watts. I did so with the help of Merrill Moncure, Music Director, and the rest of the enthusiastic and dedicated KSCL FM staff. We made important changes, which are outlined in the Times and Journal articles. We positioned KSCL FM for success on campus and in the local radio marketplace and received mentions during the Arbitron rating periods.

For my tireless work and enthusiasm, I was rewarded with a sniping mention in the Yoncopin KSCL FM photo section. For the historical record, KSCL FM, generally, operated 24 hours a day, thanks to a very cherry six hour auto-reverse tape deck that filled in the hours of 2 AM through 11 AM while we slept and took morning classes--which was, of course, the reason we were in college anyway.

We had a great equipment set-up at ninety-one point three FM. You see, I talked the Student Government Association out of $15,000 for needful things. They thanked me later by taking $3,500 of it back to pay for some needful thing they wanted to buy.

My administration was typical of college radio, innovative, enthusiastic, and not without controversy. It goes with the territory.

I am very proud of the countless hours we all put into KSCL FM. I had a very loyal and dedicated staff of campus and community volunteers. We built a loyal following and were respected by the local media. You can't ask for much more than that.

Jaxon Baker