FALL 2013


Centenary’s First Year Experience program provides a distinctive academic experience that introduces students to the liberal arts, those skills and habits of mind that allow one to approach complex problems from a variety of perspectives. The First Year Experience program is designed to highlight these diverse forms of inquiry and to cultivate the intellectual skills that enable successful participation in scholarly, professional, and public discourses.

The First Year Experience program integrates in-class work with a series of guest speakers and cultural events that present diverse perspectives, model a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, offer material for exploration, and provide an opportunity to interact with people who have made important contributions to the public discussion of ideas.

In recognition of the thoroughly multidisciplinary nature of this program, the teaching faculty is drawn from across Centenary’s many academic departments.

This course introduces students to the liberal arts and to the processes of inquiry by which scholarly, professional, and public communities formulate knowledge and forge solutions to complex problems while introducing students to the 21 century challenges that we face on local, national and global levels. Drawing on research, guest speakers, and cultural events from diverse academic disciplines and from contemporary public discourse, students and faculty examine ideas and analyze the arguments and evidence that are used to make and defend conclusions. We build on this examination to collaboratively engage in research projects that enable students to learn the research, analysis, writing and speaking skills essential to their academic and professional lives. Each fall.

Students are required to take FYE 101 in the fall semester of their first year and cannot drop the course.